The state of my worktop right now, almost ready to for mould-making.

Where have all the Pugs gone!?

Don’t worry, the Pugs are all still there. 2016 has been a busy year so far with a lot of travelling and working. Lots of irons are heating in the fire right now and i’ve found no time for any of my private projects. The Truescale Space Wolves are on hold until i have some spare time, whenever that’s going to be.

The state of my worktop right now, almost ready to for mould-making.

The state of my worktop right now, almost ready to for mould-making.

I had some problems with the resin versions of the Pugwanian mercenaries when they were cast so we had to do quite a bit of re-thinking on how to set them up in the moulds. The first couple of casts seemed to come out fine in the pressure chamber, but for some reason when I started the production run the amount of miscasts was 100% so hence them still being left as pre-order in the store while it was being sorted out.

You may also see something at the bottom of the picture which looks like a multi part kit, but alas it is not. It’s some components for some robots that are going to be released later. They’re a part of Soledads crew which I am planning will be cast in metal and as an add-on in our August Kickstarter. Yes, that’s right… I’m going to be involved with a Kickstarter this August with the miniatures which is going to be an experience. I think I’m prepared for it, but from what i can tell you can never be 100% prepared for things. The only thing I hope is that it goes as smoothly as possible. Anyway, back to Soledad and his crew… Soledad will be getting a new miniature for release based on this amazing piece of work by the very talented Megan Tupper.

soledad kickstarter branded

Kickstarter concept work by Megan Tupper.

The work schedule is getting busier all the time especially with getting things ready for the Kickstarter. I am still open for commission work as things can be moved around to get it done so if you need some work done just contact me and we can work out a schedule.

There’s not a lot more to say right now, or rather not a lot more that I can say right now. There is a lot I could talk about, but I would get in trouble! 😉

Catch you all in the next post.

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