Kick-starts and holidays

This year, August 2016, sees me and Gydran Miniatures studio starting our first ever Kickstarter Campaign to raise the funds to make production moulds, create artwork, and sculpt some of the vast universe that I have been creating since the age of 11. I feel like I’ve been blessed with a lot of supportive people so far in my life and this includes the people I am very lucky to be working with on the Campaign. In the company there is myself and the old Man, also known as John senior, who work on the day to day office side of things whilst we also get on with our jobs. Luckily for me the sculpting side of things is my job so it fits very nicely into the business structure. On the campaign I have the talents of the very talented Peter Grehan, (Author, novelist and scriptwriter) who has been involved writing for the Dr Who franchise as well as Commando magazine, also I have the talents of Megan Tupper who has worked as an illustrator and 3D designer for projects such as the Sandbox game, Rust. With these talents involved in the project I’m feeling very excited about the development of the Reteytou universe and where we can take it.


Concept sketches for the MK2 version of Ruben from the Kickstarter Campaign by Megan Tupper.


soledad kickstarter branded

Soledad, the first miniature to be sculpted to show the progress from concept to finished model.


After talking to several of my colleagues in the industry and other fields that have successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign I am confident that this will work well. It’s going to be a full on project with every day being a battle to keep up to date with the campaign and any communications whilst also getting the sculpting and images done, but it’s going to be fun. I have missed working on such an involved project and can’t wait for it to start. Which leads on to the next topic… Holiday!

Yes, that’s right… I’ve taken a holiday away from the UK. Why so close to the Campaign starting, you may ask!? Well, it’s two fold really. Firstly, I need to have a break as things have been quite intense over the last few months and secondly it gives me a chance to get on with the written work and administrative side of the campaign; which is something I wouldn’t get a chance to do with how crazy things have been back at the studio. So, distance means I can get everything I need to get done done, and have a break at the same time. Whilst I’m writing this I am sat in the an office with a fan blowing straight on me and the travel laptop while outside it is 36 degrees and pure blue skies. I’m actually finding a lot of inspiration whilst here which also bodes well this and future projects.

The view from one of my partners family members roof tops.

The view from one of my partners family members roof tops.


Its been an amazing experience so far being here and I feel right at home with the lifestyle and social life they have here. I’ve even been inspired to write some prose whilst I’m out here, which I won’t bore you with right now.

So, back on topic… Once I am back in the UK I will be nice and relaxed and ready and raring to go, so I am looking forward to the project. I’ll let you guys have an update once there is something, and I apologise now in advance for the pictures of beautiful scenery and gorgeous sunsets I may post in the meantime.

Hasta luego!

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