Getting ready for the Kickstarter 2016

Hi everyone, its been a bit hectic over the last couple of months for several reasons. Some are to do with family members health not being so great but mostly its been because i have been frantically pulling everything together for the Dweorg Kickstarter campaign that is penned to go live on the 15th of this month, that’s only seven days from the time of me writing this post. Its been a bit of a stress fuelled time and i ma now putting the last few pieces together so we can send it for review. There are bound to be bits and pieces to change as we approach the deadline but once it’s reviewed and come back i will feel happy that things are progressing in the right direction.

new-sets-ks-2016-0001a new-sets-ks-2016-0002a new-sets-ks-2016-0003a



We decided after some advice from a respected colleague to change the way we are presenting the project. So, we are now offering 5 different sets of miniatures for people to choose from and seven tiers to try and cater to everyones budget for backing us. In just the run up to the campaign so far there has been a lot of learning going on as to how the campaigns are structured and what it takes to make one of these projects ready for launch. It almost feels like it it is starting to have a life of its own. By the end of this campaign it will be interesting to reflect on how i thought it would be and how it actually was.

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