Though i predominantly work with Gydran Miniatures Studio to create their product line i am also available for small scale bespoke Puppets, Armatures, Sculptures, Miniatures, Props and various other model making projects.

Animation Puppets Gaming Miniatures
a 1:1 scale stop-motion puppet A 1:56 scale gamin miniature
I can produce bespoke stop-motion puppets with either ball and socket or wire armatures for your animation project. If you just need someone to sculpt a concept or piece for casting then just let me know and we can talk through your needs in more detail. I work regularly for Gydran Miniatures Studio and am also available for commissioned Sculpt and conversion work. Costs vary on the size and complexity of the sculpt so please contact me via the form below for more of a project specific quote.
Live Action Puppets Props



Image coming soon

Stop-motion Fridge
As well as stop-motion puppets i can make live action puppets for the live entertainment industry for use in theatre, film, television, or even street theatre. Please contact me with specifics of your project. I am able to make small to medium scale props for live action as well as stop-motion animation scale props. If you would like to talk to me about your specific project needs then please don’t hesitate to ask any questions via the contact form below.
Display Models Bespoke Sculptures


Image coming soon





Image coming soon

Need a concept sculpt or a bespoke model for display purposes? I can create what you need. Contact me with the specifics of the project you have and we can talk about how to make it a reality. If you’re looking for a bespoke piece of 3-Dimensional art then please don’t hesitate to contact me. We can talk about your needs and what you would like, and plan a way to bring the sculpture or artwork to life.

You can contact us with enquiries on commission by filling in the form below any time.


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