2017 update, long overdue

Hi everyone,


So this is the first update of the year. Yes, we are in to April already, but 2017 has been very busy so far and looks to be continuing to be for the foreseeable future. We have had a successful Kickstarter campaign, shows, sculpts, commissions and many other things happening which have kept me on my toes. Lets start with the Kickstarter though!




The campaign that was run in 2016 wasn’t successful so it was cancelled before the end of the campaign to regroup and find a new way to approach it. So, in February this year we launched our second Kickstarter from the booth at our first ever gaming show, Crusade. For those of you that don’t know, Crusade is ran by the Penarth and District Wargamers Society of which i used to be a member. It seemed like a fitting place for us to start our venture into gaming conventions/shows and we were met with a lot of enthusiasm and positive feedback.


IMG_20170224_142655_642During the campaign a lot of really cool stuff as unlocked as add-ons and rewards. Though as this post is being written some of the sculpts are still being finished or waiting to be done people seemed to really get into what was being offered. We exceeded our initial goal by quite a lot and now have a whole list of new miniatures that we will be adding to our catalogue once the pledges have been fulfilled.


For me one of the funnest parts of the project was towards the end of the campaign where i released a new add-on every day for the last 7 days of the 31 day campaign. I was free to make, or rather convert, some fun characters from right out of my imagination using a mix of pre-existing components and fresh new sculpts.


As well as the Kickstarter starting and our first show being a reality we had a second show all happening within a week of each other. It was quite crazy, but the following week we made the trip down to PAW 2017 down in Plymouth which was a load of fun. The reception there was really good and we got to meet a lot of great people.


I have started opening myself up to commissions as well this year and currently have my first one in hand. In hindsight i should have waited until after all the sculpts for the Kickstarter had been finished before i committed to it, but i now know for future reference what my workload limit is. I can’t reveal what it is i’ve been working on just yet, but as soon as i can i will make an update for it as well as adding it to the sculpts gallery.


Talking about the galleries on here… they are a bit outdated so i will be updating and changing them over the next couple of months to more accurately represent the work that has been going on here. I will also be putting some of my larger scale sculptures up on here to show off work in different mediums so that’ll be something to look out for.


2017 is proving to be an interesting year so far and there will be more exciting things to come, but for now i will leave this update there.



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